Digitizatize your accounting

without changing ERP

Quick connection to ERP

We will ensure a quick connection to your accounting program thanks to more than 20 preset connectors for ERP systems. We are able to connect wflow to any other system.

Low implementation fees

wflow does not burden your company wallet with implementation fees. You can thus achieve a return during the first month.

Secure data

Bulletproof security is the basis for us. We use certified Microsoft data centers to secure your data.

5 steps to the digitization
of accounting

Step 01

Document collection

Handing over paper documents is not the way. Just send it to the collection email, take a photo via the mobile application or insert it directly into wflow.

Step 02

Data extraction

Your accountants can take a break. They no longer have to rewrite any data. All data from invoices and receipts are automatically transcribed for her by ROSSUM artificial intelligence.

Step 03

Document approval

No more physical signing. Simply approve the document in wflow. Anytime and from anywhere. For example, in our mobile application.

Assignment of contracts, centers or projects

Breakdown into items

Step 04

ERP seamless integration

After approval, all data is automatically transferred to your accounting system. The entire accounting process takes only a few seconds.

Step 05

Long term archiving

Filing documents in files, storing them in offices and basements is a thing of the past. The electronic archive is always at hand on your phone or computer. And thanks to the verifiable audit trail, time stamps and electronic signatures, you will no longer be surprised by an inspection from the financial office.

Integration to more than
20 accounting systems

and other platforms for your maximum convenience

Cost overview also thanks to the orders

Easy order creation including approval and automatic shipping directly from wflow

Simple issuance
of invoices

Create professional invoices
easily and quickly thanks to wflow.

from wflow

Payment orders and matching of incoming payments to most Czech banks via the banking API

Approve invoices
at any time

thanks to the mobile app for iOS & Android

Intuitive dashboard

Detailed view of the document including attachments

A complete overview across your companies or branches

Possibility to add comments to documents

Try our free 14-day pricing plans


The pro plan includes:

25 GB of storage / organization

Approval workflow

Trusted electronic archive

Issuance of invoices

Mobile application

Electronic signature (Signi platform)

50 extracted documents / month


In the Business plan you also have:

50 GB of storage / organization

Purchase Orders

Automatic creation of time stamps

Qualified electronic signatures

Approval of items

Approval and e-signature of contracts

100 extracted documents / month


In the Enterprise plan you also have:

Unlimited storage

Individual training

Premium customer support

Changes to contract terms and conditions acc. to customer needs

Automatic monthly backups

One-time data backup

Individual contract modifications

Approval of items

You need individual conditions
and custom setting?


Who can benefit from using wflow?

wflow is suitable for both small, medium and large companies, as well as for accounting offices. Smaller companies will appreciate the possibility of creating invoices and payments directly from the application, for larger clients the key benefit is multi-level approval, advanced automation and data mining using artificial intelligence.

Who uses wflow?

More than 3000 companies use us. From accounting offices, for example BDO, Arrows, KODAP or Grant Thornton. Other clients include, for example, Shoptet, Lindt, Snuggs and Freshlabels.

How can I successfully digitize my accounting?

Successful digitization and automation are signed by key components - people, processes and systems. You can find out what specific steps you should take to make the transition from manual to fully automated accounting smooth and trouble-free in our article.

What cost savings can I expect with wflow?

Most customers with us achieve savings in the costs of processing received invoices of at least 50%. Take a look at our case studies and find out how automation has made work easier for our clients.

How long does the integration take?

For most customers, deploying wflow is a matter of a few hours, for more complex customers it can be days or weeks. It always depends on the customer's readiness, and speed is the result of our cooperation. For more information, contact our technical department at support@wflow.com

How is the security?

Considering that we are used by, among others, international consulting and other companies, we take security very seriously.

  • the wflow service runs in the MS Azure environment, which meets all EU security requirements and has the most security certifications of all hosting platforms.

  • all data are encrypted both during their transmission and in their storage all data are stored on servers in the EU

  • The platform is regularly subjected to the so-called penetration tests according to the OWASP methodology from a renowned security agency

Can I connect wflow to our ERP?

Součástí wflow jsou předpřipravené integrace s více než 20 účetními software a ERP. Některé z nich jsou online, pro jiné máme připraveny exporty datových souborů. Vždy záleží na tom, co umožní Váš účetní software.

Can I save the data at my place if I don't want to have it only in wflow?

Backing up is a matter of course with us. You can back up regularly on a monthly basis or manually on demand. Ask your dealer for details.

What is the price of wflow?

The price of wflow for the end customer is calculated according to the number of users and organizations. We have a special price list for accounting firms.

What documents do you work with and in what languages?

We extract invoices and receipts. Furthermore, it is possible to work with orders, contracts, payment orders and other types of documents. Mining is possible in most Latin languages, Chinese and Japanese.

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