Digitization of accounting at Grant Thornton

GT is the fastest growing consulting firm in the Czech Republic and a leader in the field of digitization and automation of accounting processes. Currently, over 400 experts work in three branches in the Czech Republic, which are part of a worldwide network of more than 750 offices. With a turnover of more than 700 million crowns, it ranks among the 5 most important consulting firms in the Czech Republic.

We do not perceive digitization as a way to save money, but to achieve qualitative change and gain new opportunities.

Peter Burnus Director Grant Thornton

Since 2020, efficiency has increased by 69 percent thanks to digitization and automation. The same 10 accountants manage to serve 88 companies instead of the original 52.

How many clients were digitized at Grant Thornon in individual years

Since 2019, GT has managed to digitize almost all clients. The rapid deployment of the application and its intuitive solution gave the consulting and accounting group a competitive advantage and enabled rapid growth. Thanks to this, GT has turned into the fastest growing company on the market.

File cabinets no longer serve as an archive of accounting documents.

At Grant Thornton, they use them as partitions between offices. They have the archive at hand at any time on their phone or computer.

115 GB of data in storage

In GT, they already digitize all work with documents. This is evidenced by the increase in data in storage from 17 GB in 2021 to 115 GB in 2022.

For us, wflow is not only a platform for approving and processing invoices, but also a full-fledged electronic file in which documents can be found immediately.

Nikita Majstrenko Manager Grant Thornton

What digitization has brought to Grant Thornton

Increasing expertise

Saving time and space for the provision of professional services, including consulting for financial management.

Streamlining processes

Optimization and streamlining of internal processes and processes on the client side. Transmitting documents transparently and uniformly.

Time savings

Effective use of time and human capital. Getting rid of manual and unnecessary work that can be automated thanks to wflow.