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with online orders

Better cost control

Online purchase orders can help organizations better manage expenses and monitor budgets, thereby avoiding overspending and ensuring efficient use of resources.

Increased accuracy

Online purchase orders reduce the likelihood of human error and ensure greater accuracy and efficiency.

More effective communication

wflow provides a centralized place for all communication related to a specific order, making it easy to access and review information.

Advanced work organization

Online orders provide a clear digital footprint that can be easily tracked and monitored.

Step 01

Creating a new order

You can create a new order manually with the help of recorded dials or simply copy an order that you have already created in the past.

Step 02

Editing items

You can assign centers, jobs or activities to individual order items. You can create items manually, choose from code lists or preset templates.

Step 03

Automatic sending directly from wflow

After approval, you can automatically send the order by e-mail to the supplier, including the PDF document in the attachment.

Step 04

Overview of order status

After receiving the ordered service or goods, you can confirm this delivery. In this way, you will easily get an overview of the current status.

Step 05

Automatic pairing
with invoices

You can match orders with invoices manually or automatically. To make work easier, you can register multiple invoices for one order. You can match a single invoice to multiple orders.

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