Security and wflow: why the cloud is better than paper on the desk

Security is a key aspect of any online platform, especially a business expense management tool like wflow. In today's digital age, data breaches and cyber-attacks are becoming more common, making it imperative for companies to implement thorough security measures to protect sensitive information. In this article, we will discuss the security measures in place at wflow to protect client data.

Data encryption

wflow uses SSL encryption to secure data transmission. This means that all data transmitted between the user's device and the servers is encrypted, making it almost impossible for malicious entities to intercept and read this information.

Regular security updates

We do not take security lightly at wflow, we are constantly working to improve the security of the platform. Security updates built on the latest technologies are released regularly to ensure the platform remains secure against new threats.

User authentication

wflow allows the use of multi-factor authentication, which increases the level of security and prevents access to data by unauthorized persons. This means that users must provide two forms of identification to access their accounts: a password and a security token.

Data backup and recovery

wflow maintains several backups of client data to ensure quick recovery in the event of temporary unavailability of one of the repositories. Backups are securely stored off-site on Microsoft servers within the European Union, so data storage is GDPR compliant.

Access control

wflow implements access control measures to ensure that client data is accessible only to authorized users. You can limit the visibility of all stored documents and data for specific users through permissions and roles.

Security audits

The wflow platform has recently undergone a security audit (penetration test), which would reveal potential security risks and vulnerabilities. These audits are conducted by independent security experts to ensure that the platform remains secure and compliant with financial and banking standards. Security is in accordance with the requirements of Česká spořitelna, which is the main investor of wflow.

In conclusion, wflow takes the security of its clients' data seriously. The platform implements a number of security measures including encryption, regular security updates, user authentication, data backup and recovery, access control  to ensure the security of client data.