How KODAP Accounting Group managed to save 56% of invoice processing time

With its 220 employees in 16 cities in the Czech Republic, KODAP ranks among the largest accounting and consulting groups in the country. The company's philosophy consists in the maximum degree of digitization. Cloud solutions for the circulation, approval and archiving of documents are complemented by reporting systems.


For a long time, KODAP has struggled with inconsistent communication with clients and a high share of wage costs. The goal thus became the search for a solution that could simplify communication between the accounting firm and clients. And at the same time free the hands of accountants thanks to the elimination of manual work that can be digitized and automated.


KODAP decided to use the wflow cloud application to streamline processes.

Thanks to wflow, we managed to save time on administration, which we can now devote to working with our clients. The time savings across departments are so high that we achieved a return on investment within the first month.

Robert Hrádek Executive director KODAP

56% time savings for processing received invoices thanks to wflow

Thanks to the deployment of wflow, time has been significantly saved, and individual accountants can thus devote themselves to more professional work and new clients.

Thanks to the automation of manual work, it was possible to move one accountant from a project where two accountants were bound to another project.

up to 21% savings
the cost of some projects

Thanks to the simple online submission of documents, the accounting firm and its clients save money and time.

The deployment of wflow brought the KODAP accounting firm a fundamental qualitative shift in speeding up and making communication with clients more transparent, and at the same time facilitated the handing over of documents and their approval.

Some manual jobs have been automated thanks to artificial intelligence. The resulting implementation brought the KODAP accounting group a return on investment for wflow deployment within 1 month of implementation.

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